Foundations of Herbalism Certification Course


We are really excited to be launching this Immersion in to the natural world of Plants.  This course is for the serious student who is committed to going deeper with their understanding of working in harmony with nature, and building a toolkit of Selfcare creations.  Herbalism is an active and dynamic learning that deepens and expands your awareness of and connection with, the living world that exists around you.  Herbal allies are here to support your physical, emotional, cognitive, mental, behavioral and spiritual well-being on many different levels, and many different planes, goddess bless the amphoterics, and the mystery of the unseen, in mutual symbiosis.  

This is a hands-on deeply experiential course where we will journey together each at our own pace, listening and further developing our own intuition as a means to grow our connection with self, others, and the natural world.

Why take the foundations in Herbalism course? Why? Do you want to be empowered for your health?  Do you want to get in touch with the timeless laws of living on earth and live in harmony with the universal forces of nature? Do you want to reclaim the enthusiasm for life that you know lives inside you? Are you tired of being tired? 

Do you want to be able to face your fears and live with yourself as you are, accepting the responsibility to take care of yourself and others? Do you want to get clear on what it means to take care of yourself? 

A copy of the current syllabus for the 2019-2020 Foundations in Herbalism Certification Course found here. 



For more information and to register, please email:

This course is for you if:

-You are wanting connection, to your self, nature, others

-You are seeking detailed and informative learning on the world in which 

we live.

-You are searching to find harmony and balance in your physical, emotional,

mental and spiritual realms.

...this list keeps growing.  

Everyday Herbalism, is a holistic healing journey into the plant world that 

enables you to deepen your connection to the world within you and the world

around you.  

A transformative 9 month journey into holistic health, reconnection

to natural rhythms and radical self care that will enable and empower you

to take your healing to the next level.  

Embark on a medicine wheel journey with us, to explore the depth of your

body, mind, spirit and soul, healing and reclaiming forgotten pieces that are

asking for support in our collective evolution. Together, as a class,
we will journey at different speeds we will embrace community Herbalism,
building a village of cooperation and support. 

Each class will provide an opportunity for head knowledge, as well as heart learning, learning the Foundations of Herbalism in a systemic and holistic way. We will share a healthy potluck every Saturday class, with time to digest. along with ample time for self care, including yoga, and meditation.

You will have space to carve our your own healing, trusting your own intuition and your inner compass to the natural rhythm of the plant world. We set the class time intentionally at a time of year when we go in to the darkness, and together we will emerge in the spring as we are reborn with more tools, connection and presence of mind and body.  

A certificate will be given to all active participants at the completion of the course for their 9 month dedicated study as a symbol of your completed hours to learning course content.  Please note: Herbalism is not currently a regulated industry in the United States.  



"I and my family were grateful to have stumbled upon a local library workshop which we thought would teach us about culinary herbs.  We learned so much more, and reconnected with a part of our selves that had been lost from our family line, the joy of living, the infinite capacity of imagination, and how to use medicinal healing in our home, and in our family's lives.  Looking forward to the ride ahead!"  ~Kristin I


"Jen and Sam's Herbal Exploration was not only insightful but left me invigorated, while also relaxed and calm...yumm, lavender eye pillows.  Their compassionate intuition combined with the tandem teaching approach of age-old wisdom they shared from their teachers' lineages sparked my desire to embody more presence, seek out supportive relationships and build my self care tools as we all leave behind the Fear-Based Paradigm to grow more intimately in our understanding of self and the collective.  I do believe Fear is a big part of my conditioning and most of what I'm looking to leave behind as it feels so wrong, as I look ahead to reclaiming the learning I've always been drawn to."  

~Jana S
The course list will be published in July.  To be added to our distribution list, please email:

All classes will be held at: Our Yoga Home, Wauwatosa, WI 

Exchange Logistics:  
The investment for the 9 month immersion is $1400 in addition to a 350$ supplies fee.  This enables us to provide high quality plant medicine and resources for you to experiment every class. The fee also includes a 2 day retreat in the Springtime.   
There will be a final exam on the last day of class, which will include a review of your personal toolkit that you've created in order to provide you and your family healing.  
There is an option to pay monthly with a signed commitment ensuring your wholehearted participation.  The payment must be received by the 15th of every month prior to each session.
*Because we wholeheartedly believe that reconnecting with the old ways is part of our birthright, there is an option for work-study option for folks where cash resources are limited.  The work-study option will enable a time exchange to give to the gardens, the course, the preparation in exchange for a reduction of up to 10% of the course fee.  



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