Children: can greatly benefit from connecting with their parasympathetic nervous system and entraining their body to locate their inner calm in a world that conditions instant gratification and fast-paced.  Energy medicine is such a gift to our children to reduce pain, entrain new neural pathways, relieve growing pains, digest/process difficult situations or feelings that have been suppressed.  In short, hands-on energy healing is supportive and nurturing to a child and creates lifelong habits of engaging in stress-reduction productive behaviors that instills a sense of ease and well-being.  Hands-on Energy Healing can be specifically healing to those children who suffer from an inability to relax, sensory process overstimulation, developmental delays and the perpetual "belly ache" which is a signal of the enteric nervous system being on overdrive.  

Babies: Support your baby's developmental needs in a healing session with therapeutic gentle touch to enhance well-being, support nursing relationship through tongue-tie restrictions, relieve colic, intestinal distress, reset nervous system, work through distress of being born through gentle hands-on touch, relieve growing pains, enhance sleep and support developmental delays. Also helpful for babies who did not go through the birth canal to build a healthy level of proprioceptive input on the nervous system to stimulate brain growth.  

Appointments for Children and Babies scheduled on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, and Thursday mornings, and the rate is $65 for 30-45 minutes.  

*Please note, babies are never turned away if the normal fees are out of reach – please contact me for specifics.

I would be happy to schedule a 30 minute complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and see if hands-on energy healing for your infant or child would provide the support you are seeking.  I can be reached at: or 414.712.0070

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