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2019 Events

2019-2020 Foundations of Herbalism Course - beginning September 28, 2019.  A way to expand your self care toolkit and expand your knowledge of the living, natural world.  This is a hands-on explorative in-depth course focused on the Foundational principles of Herbalism that will enable you to live more connected to the Earth, her rhythms and your own circadian rhythms to support and propel you forward in developing a self care and community care toolkit ~ providing you with internal and external support to health, thrive and be well. 

The syllabus for the course will be emailed to you by emailing: soultouchapothecary@gmail.com

Dates are now listed!

To register, check out: www.soultouch.org/herbalism 








A continued list of our events will routinely be added.  To be regularly updated, please email OurYogaHome@Gmail.com if you'd like to be added to our event list, which will be distributed once every 4-6 weeks with new offerings, and most readily accessible on our Wauwatosa, WI Studio Facebook Page.