The energetic composition of our body is so complex, intricate and divinely designed it is no wonder we need to work in alignment with nature and principles of the Universe to harmonize all of the complexities of our structure to bring greater clarity and ease to our temple.  

Holistic Energy Therapy is an ancient holistic approach to healing that invites the body to open up to the flow of energy, to clear blockages, and detoxify. Chronic holding patterns develop due to daily stress and an inability to clear past trauma, emotional imprinting of the limbic system stored in the physical tissues, self-limiting beliefs or simply living out of alignment with the physical structure due to our fast-paced culture. Together we will work through the various layers of the physical, mental, emotional bodies to clear blockages and restore flow and vitality. Holistic Energy Healing allows one to enhance ease of daily living and restored movement through working with the 7 energy centers in the body, known as Chakras.

Sessions range in price based on your individual needs, reach out to discuss.  

Please book a complimentary phone info session by emailing me at to learn more about this revolutionary healing practice that will transform the way you think about health and wellness from the inside out.  

“By clearing chakras that are still locked into the conflicts of your past, you can open the way for healing chronic and underlying health problems.” - ~Donna Eden

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