“Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?”



We are at a crossroads. A time when we know what we are doing is not

working. The divided system on overdrive. 

We run, in busy cycles of doing. Toxic overdrive exuding out of every pore. 

Breathless from exhaustion.

What are we running from . . . 

We are being called to return to the nature of our very essence, of being.  Cultivating an attitude of non-doing, or active allowing, being in the Flow.  Illuminating where in our very selves lie systemic distress and dis-ease that has veiled any sight of enjoyment and pleasure in our very existence.  Where unprocessed trauma has us feeling isolated and disconnected cycling in thought patterns of fear, stress, anxiety that creates pain and dis-ease.  


You are invited to this spring and summer’s playshops to reconnect with your roots. The calling of your ancestors. When we lived in symbiotic harmony with the land, our bodies, minds, hearts and spirits in natural rhythm with the seasons of our lives.

Come answer the call.
Come be present.
Awaken to the Truth that lives deep within.

Herbalism is an age-old practice that provides many holistic benefits.
Come learn from holistic health practitioners and certified Herbalist husband-wife team, Sam and Jen Oakes about developing a sustainable approachable every day herbal practice right where you are.

Come engage with your senses for head and heart learning, as we share stories, answer questions, support you in building your medicinal toolkit from your very own back yard. Walk away from this refreshing playshop with one or two things you can begin to implement in your wellness practice.

Now even more than ever, in the face of great climate change, are we as a human family, being called to return to our roots.
Will you join us?  We'll be there, waiting to connect with your very essence.  Whole and complete, as you are.  

Hartford Public Library
Monday, April 27th at 6:30P

Wauwatosa Public Library
Thursday, April 30th at 6:30P

Tea Time at the Library
Butler Public Library
Friday, May 29th at 11:30A

Medicinal Herbalism
Burlington Public Library
Wednesday, July 8th at 1:00P


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