The premise of Ayurvedic Energy Medicine (AEM) is built on the foundation that the body's energy system is designed, some believe pre-conception, based on a series of energy centers, or magnetic hubs, known as chakras.  An intuitive and trained healer can feel when these energy centers are imbalanced, due to trauma, a pre-existing condition, an accident, some form of energy that has not passed through the body (the body having emotional, physical, mental, spiritual layers).  An Ayurvedic Energy Practitioner is able to support your growth and healing through reading and sensing the chakras, which are connected to nadis, or energy highways that span throughout all the tissue, muscles, bones of the physical body.  Ayurveda is different than Western Allopathic Energy, as Ayurveda, the 5,000-7,000 year old science advises to adjust chakras which will impact the rest of the bodily systems.  Ayurveda works with the body in holism, and does not treat symptomatically, though your symptoms will likely shift as you go through your healing process.  

Chakras are impacted by sound, light, frequency, and an Ayurvedic Energy Medicine worker's role is to stabilize the chakras that are out-of-balance which reduce the human's capacity for higher consciousness.  

Traditional medicine is specialized and does not focus on holistic health and prevention of dis-ease.  Traditional medicine operates pathologically, looking to cure ailments, viruses, conditions and believes illness comes from outside to inward.  AEM addresses that healing is a perpetual journey to wholeness and is a preventative approach to living a holistic life thriving in balance at all stages of our evolution.  Healing stems from within the body (the soma) and addresses psychosomatic symptoms, and a release of stored trauma or blocked process that the soul was unable to resolve at the origin of the event (some occurring in past lives), or for the lineage of trauma we carry through the study of epigenetics in the ancestral DNA.  

AEM is an integrated holistic approach that is gentle, non-invasive, and supports your soul to become more embodied while reducing pain, and aligning your energetic structure to support your well-being in your healing journey.  

Why Work with Jen

Jen has a practiced and refined ability to deeply listen and feel in to the soul of each client she works with to create freedom and mobility in body, mind and spirit.  She has a host of innovative healing tools from over 10 years of this work, that she engages to support each client, individually and uniquely, in her healing practice.  

No session is the same.  

While she is steeped in the science and left brain knowledge of her heartwork, she understands the work to be deeply transformative and lets her intuition of each client's needs support their integration to wholeness. 

She asks that each client fully show up for this work, as she leads you towards a deeper and fuller experience of your life experience, in the now.  

She has worked with many of her clients for several sessions and some for years, and has received remarkable results (which she may humbly share).  Her divine gifts move through her and are an expression of her healing presence, Earthside.  

Sat Nam.


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