• Jen Abha

Cheers to a Stable Bountiful New Decade!

We are creating a thoughtful repository of Herbal references for you and your families, throughout the human life cycle. This is proving to be a labor of love, and something we are being called to contribute to our neck of the woods with intention, purpose and clarity. To build awareness and enhance holism at our very foundation. Check back with us in 2020, as we continue to hone our craft and share our services more broadly. You can email us at: SoulTouchApothecary@gmail.com to be added to our email list. We have new seminars coming up in early 2020.

This year's playshops will be focused on Holistic Healing and Herbalism as an age-old practice with specific applications to building your modern day toolkit and holistic healing remedies. Inside-Out!

With Brilliance and Magnificence. Our 2019-2020 Herbalism Course will be graduating in the Spring, and we anticipate our 2020-2021 course to begin on September 26th.

This has been an Om-azing intimate experience and we are grateful to be of service in this capacity.

Blessings to you and yours, as we vibrate at the frequency of oneness, love and respect.

In communion with your Higher Selves.

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