Birthworks: Energy Healing for the Expectant Mother

The birthing process is miraculous and transformative, and can also be a little scary.  I know from firsthand experience, having bravely and proudly birthed 4 babies in VERY different ways, the condensed versions: from a hospital birth with an epidural that didn’t numb, to a babe that was 2.5 weeks late, to a baby boy that took 40 hours to arrive as an unexpected single mother (more than half of my labor active…) to a sweet homebirth that lasted 2 short hours as he came rocketing in to the world.  All of my birthing experiences were Yoga in action, “being” in the present moment, using my breath as a vehicle to facilitate the miraculous transformation and part of my, my baby’s and my partner’s “herstory.” 

I vow to give back to support other mothers who seek stability and healing in their and their babe's birthing process.  

For more information, please review the Birthworks brochure, attached, and reach out to learn more.  

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